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    CBA, menu and key events

    What is my problem.
    I create custom control that create new CBA and menu bar. i handle all key events and pass them 1st to CBA after that to menu if its displayed and to my control.
    When i pass events to CBA i get ProcessCommandL and display menu. i can switch by menu items but i got problem with getting ProcessCommandL with commandID's from menu.
    When menu is popped CBA buttons are changed.
    After that i pass events to CBA but as commandID i get CBA commands but not menu commands.
    BUT!!! when menu is popped and i pass events to CEikButtonGroupContainer::Current() i get proper menu commands.

    I was trying to add my CBA to control stack with ECoeStackPriorityCba also i was adding menu to stack but it didnt helpd.

    Does any one got any idea whats wrong?

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    Re: CBA, menu and key events

    Ow ok i was too fast. i was thinking thay menu reusemy cba but it creates its own.

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