I think the behavior of the time app and Calendar are bizarre in the Nokia 9500, but maybe I am in a minority here. If I change my present location, let's say from New York to London, then ALL the times in my calendar are "updated" to show this change, i.e. ALL my appointments (including ones in the past, and/or crossed out) are shown in the LOCAL time zone. Now really, this doesn't make sense. Suppose I am in London and had breakfast with a friend/client in New York the previous day, and I want to check the time and location (because I've got a bad memory, but I need to enter this info into company expense account claim - this is just an example, invent as you will). Now, I look in my Communicator and discover that the time is NOW shown in London time. Does this make any sense, to think of past appointment times in your CURRENT time zone, which might be anything, rather than in the time zone you were in when you actually had the appointment? In this example, I have to TRANSLATE the time of the appointment, now showing in London time, back into New York time - and such kind of calculations were supposed to be made obsolete with such a tool as the Communicator! Or take a different example - I'm in London and a friend in Istanbul calls and makes a date for lunch there the following week, when I'm visiting. He says, "1pm". I want to enter this into my Nokia, but can I say "Lunch with friend, 1pm" ?? No!!! I have to TRANSLATE that time into my local time zone (London) to ensure that when I actually fly to Istanbul and change my present location, the Nokia will correctly re-translate the time BACK into my now local time (Istanbul) and show the time of the appointment correctly. Wow! This is really backward, don't you think? I NEVER think of appointments in other time zones according to the time zone I'm currently in (unless it is the same one) - I think of them in the time zone RELEVANT TO THAT APPOINTMENT!! Back in the old FiloFax days, that's how I made appointments in the future on the paper page, or remembered past appointments. Back in the even better Psion Revo days, this wasn't a problem, either. Does anyone else think the Nokia behaviour is bizarre??

(If this "feature" MUST be incorporated, then there should be an option to bind appointment times of meetings with time zones - so you could tell the Nokia, for example, that the appointment you're making next week in Berlin is IN BERLIN, and it would handle the times (and time changes) accordingly.)

On a final note, I suspect that what I think is a rather bizarre way of handling appointment times and time zone changes may be rather common - I don't use other PDAs, so I don't know. But I still think it's bizarre, and wrong.