Hi All,
I am working on Nokia N90, there is a support to change your screen to Portrait to Landscape and vice versa.
I have successfully trapped that event into my application, I am working on FP3 SDK.

I am able to trap those event in HandleResourceChangeL() method in AppUI,
Now my understanding goes this way......
On clicking the flip button, the control goes to HandleResourceChangeL of AppUI and the condition aType==KEikDynamicLayoutVariantSwitch gets satisfied.
In AppUI
void CPVPlayerGuiAppUi::HandleResourceChangeL(TInt aType)
if ( aType==KEikDynamicLayoutVariantSwitch )
Here I notify to framework to flip to landscape........
By doing this if my Container is empty. My menu pane should flip to Landscape....But nothing happening.
Please guide my way through............

Thanks in advance