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    hw to create a login page to my application

    i thin u may help me out with my problem,here it is
    i had created an application in C++ on sybian os(sdk 60) and ported it to nokia 6600
    but i dont want all the users to access my application only registered users should be able to access it, i mean i want to create authentication/login page to my application.
    can u pls tell me hw can i do that


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    Re: hw to create a login page to my application


    Create database for login users. when u open ur app, first run one dialog having one edwin and one secret editor. read the data from the controls, when u click ok, u just check it in ur database.

    i think it will help to u

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    Re: hw to create a login page to my application

    Hi, were you able to make the login page ?

    could you help me with the sample code please ?


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    Re: hw to create a login page to my application

    this is rather old thread, so maybe we should stick on the one new one you just made: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=171214

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