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    amr recording 6630

    i have code that record amr buffers which works fine in 6600
    i try to port this code to 6630 which it gives me no error but while recording
    it records nothing
    it returns empty buffers
    i dont know if the problem comes out becuas of these values

    const TUid KMMFExControllerUID={0x101f5022};
    const TUint32 KMMFFourCCCodecAMR={0x524d4120};
    const TUid KMmfUidFormatRAWWrite ={0x101f5c17};

    i dont know what these values should be

    and i dont know if any other change should be done
    i appreciate any help

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    Re: amr recording 6630

    I think Nokia removed most of the AMR support after the 6600, so the normal recorder does not really work anymore. The best way with your 6630, would propably to use streaming and then convert the PCM to AMR. Plenty of discussions and sample code are available on this forum, so do a bit searching and you should find all information necessary to get it working.


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