Hi all,

(Sorry this is a re-post of an earlier thread which did not have the correct subject.)

I have had a "new" Nokia 6310i phone for a few months now, and it is quite a change up from an Ericsson GH688, which I had for over 8 years! It is a great phone, except for a couple of little niggly things.

Does anyone know how I can display the current date on the screen when the phone is idle? Under the Time and Date Settings, there is a Show Clock menu option to display the time, but no Show Date menu option.

The only way I can find is to go Menu 4 - 2 - 2, which is a bit silly. My old Ericsson GH688 many years back could show the current date as well as the time.

Another feature my Ericsson had was Auto Keypad lock. How can I do this on a 6310i?

Do I have to upgrade the firmware, load some java program or something like that?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.