hi all,
did 6630 supports Location API,If not ,show me the way for getting the location through my J2ME application
I am using the Location API,for getting the information of the location the at present the mobile is...I have implemented the following code ..

inf = new Thread(this);
Criteria cr = new Criteria();
LocationProvider lp = LocationProvider.getInstance(cr);
Location l = lp.getLocation(60);
Coordinates c = l.getQualifiedCoordinates();
String exinf = l.getExtraInfo("text/plain";
System.out.println("the string is..."+exinf);
double lat = c.getLatitude();
double alt = c.getAltitude();
double lon = c.getLongitude();
String locate = c.convert(alt,1);
}catch(Exception e){System.out.println(e);}

it was giving the following warning with the Emulator..

like thread was in deadlock and you have to use seperate thread for the CommandAction..

I thought this warning was because I am using a standlaone Emulator it will give the error.then i deployed the same in Nokia6630 it was unable to open the application in the device can anybody tell me the reason for that.

and alos suggest me with a solution to fix it

thanks in advance