Apologies if this isn't quite the right section.

Computer.A is connected to a cell phone, it relates data back and forth over the datacable. However when certain types of data come up, I would like the cell phone to dial out. However I would like Com.A to send data over Cell.A.

Both Cell.A and B need to be able to autoanswer by software on the phone, and the relay the data back and forth between computers.

The thing is, that I cannot install software onto Computer.A, any software that communicates with Computer.A must reside on Cell.A.

Computer.A=--=Cell.A ~~ Cell.B=--=Computer.B

I've already read that a cell can communicate with a computer. So that hasn't been proven a problem. Its the data that resides on the computer that I want to transmit over to Computer B.

I've looked into DTFM, wich may seem plausible.
Are there anyother ways to communicate Com.A <-> Com.B via cell.

A last resort would be internet. I'm just concerned about the cost of keeping ports open. If there are no other ways then I will take this route.

Also wich Cell phones would these be possible on. The language is also irrelavant. My preffered language is Java, however I figure datacable access would be lower level port programming, wich I thought Symbian would be better at.