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    Uniquely identifying a mobile browser..

    I'm wondering if there is a way to distinguish between two identical models of mobile phone browsing to my wap site? ie is there something I can use that would uniquely identify a user?

    If I exmaine the HTTP_USER_AGENT I get standard info about the phone model and browser version, MIDP version etc but nothing else.

    The obvious choice would be to obtain the users mobile phone number but I doubt if thats available? Is there anything else that I could look for?


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    Re: Uniquely identifying a mobile browser..

    Some operators will pass the MSISDN (phone number) in HTTP headers (through WAP gateways). Not a universal solution, though.

    You could use cookies, too (but some phone browsers, or operator gateways might have issues with that).

    You could complement cookies with a user login page (registration, username/password, etc.).

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