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    Question Create BUddy List Using Presence information (How does a FETCHER work?)

    HI all,
    I would like to know of any technique which would enable me to access a list of all users registered on a SIP registrar server.
    The reason behind this is:
    I am making a game using the SIP technology on a mobile device. But the main issue here is:

    1. How to find out, how many players are online and what their SIP addresses are?
    2. Is it Possible?
    3. Are their any restrictions on this kind of information?
    4. If not then how do I get a list of Sip URI’s from a SIP server which has presence capabilities.

    Right now I am able to subscribe a number of users that I know of (through my contact address book).
    But as I cannot know all address, I am limited to the buddies that I play with. So unless they know me( meaning I have their Contact addresses), I can’t connect to them.
    please do send in your posts. After this i'll submit the entire code for all 3 methods: ( As i will be sure if the BUDDY LIST is possible or not)
    2. NOTIFY (How to write entire content to a log file)
    3. OPTIONS


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    Re: Create BUddy List Using Presence information (How does a FETCHER work?)


    I don't know what kind of SIP servers do you use... Some IMS free? Availble on Interent? Could you please put a link or more info here?

    Basically PRESENCE works like this:
    1) You create buddy groups via HTTP interface
    2) You put contact you're interest in into such groups
    3) Depends on implementation contact you add must verify it or not
    4) Then you could send SUBSCRIBE on such groups or single contacts
    5) You'll recieve NOTIFY request with XML of other format document with presence status of buddies
    6) You'll publish you current status by send PUBLISH request
    7) There is NO probably mechanizm of SUBSCRIBE to get all buddies status. It'll overload network and it'll be quite insecure!!!


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    Re: Create BUddy List Using Presence information (How does a FETCHER work?)

    Thankx Sten,
    I would like to know the meaning of "Pressence List Server". I found this term being used in one of the RFC's that ive been reading.
    Now, is this kind of Server a default for all Presence Servers?
    If it so then i would be able to get a list of all members listed in tht server according to their Registerations.
    As per my knowledge a Presence Server is internally Linked to the Registrar Server and all those who Register to the Registrar, automatically get listed on the Presence Server.
    Please Correct me if i am wrong.

    MY moto here is to update my COntact List (PhoneBook ) as i have nmo way of finding how many players are there who have the same game i do or even, players who are registered with the SIP server i have registered to..
    So, my goal here is to make a query to a Server( maybe a Presence Server) and get a list of player SIP addresses.
    So tht i could invite them to play my game. Just like Game-SPy Arcade or similar tools.
    Also, I do not want to make a webpage or something which would do this(act like a server).
    For this i have also read about "ADHOC RESOURCES" ...

    Here i present to all a list of RFC's That i've gone through:
    (Google any of them to download)

    1. draft-ietf-simple-presence-10.txt
    2. draft-ietf-mmusic-sdp-comedia-00.txt
    3. draft-ietf-sipping-uri-list-subscribe-03.txt
    4. draft-rosenberg-impp-buddylist-00.txt
    5. RFC 3903
    6. draft-ietf-simple-publish-reqs-00
    7. rfc 3842
    8. rfc3910
    9. RFC 2778 (rfc2778) - A Model for Presence and Instant Messaging.mht
    10. draft-rosenberg-impp-presence-00.txt
    11. draft-ietf-sipping-uri-services-03.txt
    12. RFC 3903 (Extention for Event State Publication)
    13. draft-levin-simple-adhoc-list-01.txt (Creating ADHOC LISTS)
    14. draft-ietf-simple-event-list-07
    15. draft-ieft-simple-xcap-list-usage-05

    The Best Document for explaining the Resource LIST is this
    draft-ietf-simple-event-list-07 draft. This Explains RLS(Resource List Servers and "draft-ieft-simple-xcap-list-usage-05" this explains the XCAP Format to create a Resource List.
    I have read all these, but one thing still bothers me is how to get a list of Users from the PRESENCE LIST Server without actually having to create a List.
    For example, usually i dont go abotu creating a List to chat on Yahoo..right..
    So, for that yahoo has a server which keeps tht list for me.
    So, Is there anything in the PRESENCE Server which does this?
    Now if i were to create a webpage myself and make it a List Server, then where am i using the Precense Server at all..i would then have no need for it at all right...
    So , Someone if they have any idea about this please do read the above documents and reply back. I'll keep you guys posted incase i figure it out myself.


    (BTW thankx for the prompt reply Sten.)

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    Question Re: Create BUddy List Using Presence information (How does a FETCHER work?)


    Did u solve the problem??? Even i have the same problem..kindly help me.
    is Nokia SIP stack supporting buddy list presence info??

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Create BUddy List Using Presence information (How does a FETCHER work?)

    Hi AvengerB,

    Do you mind sending me your Register/Subscribe/Notify code?

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