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    how to find the location information

    hi all,

    My name is lakshman,I found that nokia 6630 was not supporting the location api.I want to get the location name,at which the device was presently in.

    Is there is any possibility that we can get the location information from the mobile device.

    The serviceProvider was giving the Location name at which the mobile was presently in.Can we able to capture that information.

    If so is there is any way to get that information

    thanks in advance


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    Re: how to find the location information

    for nokia 6630, You can use the Mobinfo library from symbian to get Cell ID/LAC/MCC/MNC and you have map your cel id to some location strings to get the area name. since no operators reveal their cell info to outsiders, you have to do ur mapping of cell id to location string....

    else if are able to find the latitude/longitude of your device using some symbian api, then map those lat/long to area string...I didn't find any method which will give you area name from lat/long...if you find plz let me know..
    hope, this helps..


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