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    nokia 6630 no dual mode option

    i have brought a new nokia 6630 i was checking to see where is the option of 3g but when i searched the network settings it had only two options cell info display and select opeartor.there was no option of selecting gsm or 3g network.is it that my nokia 6630 is not a 3g phone.behind the battery it is written fabrique en finlande.someone plz help urgently

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    Re: nokia 6630 no dual mode option

    It is most definitely a 3G phone, or to be more exact a triband GSM/GPRS/EDGE phone + a 3G WCDMA phone. On some operator specific phone software (firmware) versions the selection of GSM vs. GSM+WCDMA ("dual mode") has been disabled (upon the request of the operator). It is still a 3G phone, and presumably fixed for the dual mode setting, too. In other words, it will use 3G when it detects a 3G network and otherwise fall back to GSM.

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    Re: nokia 6630 no dual mode option

    In the latest software it is possible to change manually between GSM and 3G. Earlier that was not possible, and then you needed a 3G SIM to get the phone to work, but know it is also possible to have a "normal" SIM in the phone if you change that setting.

    Contact nearest servicepoint and they fix the upgrade for you :-)

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