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    Question i need dku-5 serial datacable schematic

    i need dku-5 serial datacable schematic. i am trying to connect my nokia6585 to a device using a cable which i ussualy use to connect the device to LG and samsung. with samsung and LG, it works fine, but not with nokia. pinout i need are rx, tx and ground. i'm stuck here...i've googled it for 2 hours, and i still can't find it anywhere..

    please somebody help me...

    thanks a lot

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    Re: i need dku-5 serial datacable schematic

    Hi, I'm trying to develop a similar device. I want to use my old Nokia 6100, a serial cable and a Texas micro-controller to do some simple remote IO in our holiday cottage (e.g. turn on the heat BEFORE arriving with an sms)

    Regarding the cable. Try this site:


    If you have success with this one (or other schematics) please mail me!

    Thank you


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