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    Is this forum really meaningfull?

    Some years ago when I first bought a Cardphone 2 I digged around the message board asking some questions.
    As far as I recal not once did I get any answer from somebody with actual knowledge, such as any techs from Nokia.
    Best you could get was once every seldom somebody had a similar problem, and replied.
    But since most questions here are somewhat newbie oriented, and the interface is sooo slow & bloated, compared to normal php driven, ready downloadable messages boards, this forum really isnt one of those you pop into once a week or so.
    And since the chanses are pretty slim of getting any answer for anything but the most trivial questions, this place doesnt really fell all that meaningfull.
    This I find a bit sad, this could be a intersting place for techies using nokia devices in interesting and unusal ways.
    So I guess my questions this time is:
    Where can I find a more meaningfull forum for the D211 or CardPhone?
    Where can I get some answers from Nokia people?

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    RE: Is this forum really meaningfull?

    I agree with you fully!
    I am a developer on a 800+ NCP2.0 installation and have experienced very little support from Nokia. It seems that they are more keen on producing new phones than getting their existing products to work properly.
    The fact is that Nokia is more a HW/Terminal producer and less a SW-developing company. This mean that actual replies on support/developing questions are very rare.
    Answer to your questions:
    - Forums? - there isn't any qualified forum on www. Perhaps in a newsgroup somewhere? If you find any, please post it here.
    - Answers from Nokia - My best guess is - try through your phonecompany. If they deal the product, they should have approx. 1 person that know a little of the product.8-].
    Alternatively, if you have any NCP2.0 questions, feel free to mail me. I can't promise that I can help you, but i've had some experience with the product.

    best regards,

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