Some years ago when I first bought a Cardphone 2 I digged around the message board asking some questions.
As far as I recal not once did I get any answer from somebody with actual knowledge, such as any techs from Nokia.
Best you could get was once every seldom somebody had a similar problem, and replied.
But since most questions here are somewhat newbie oriented, and the interface is sooo slow & bloated, compared to normal php driven, ready downloadable messages boards, this forum really isnt one of those you pop into once a week or so.
And since the chanses are pretty slim of getting any answer for anything but the most trivial questions, this place doesnt really fell all that meaningfull.
This I find a bit sad, this could be a intersting place for techies using nokia devices in interesting and unusal ways.
So I guess my questions this time is:
Where can I find a more meaningfull forum for the D211 or CardPhone?
Where can I get some answers from Nokia people?