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    N90, disable automatic camera mode

    hello, i have a question about the automatic camera mode wich is started when you turn the display for 90 degrees.
    Can it be disabled by a c++ method or in the system settings?
    Thanks a lot.

    Jörg Orlowski
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    Re: N90, disable automatic camera mode

    I am also very interested by the answer!!!
    Please, someone answer!
    Thank you for your help

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    Cool Re: N90, disable automatic camera mode

    Outsmart the smartphone...

    Here's a trick how to get the phone display twisted and not launch camera (works on the newer version, too):
    Open gallery and go to menu and chose open camera. The camera that you opened disables all the usual buttons but the red phone button to close the camera. Now quickly bush the red button and twist the screen at the same time and the phone goes out of the camera and you have twisted screen without camera . The picture is though still portrait.

    I think the phone is to clever to outsmart the software :-J
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