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    how to protect my project?

    hi i have made a project and it is working fine.the problrm is that when i give someona the jar file ,if he tries to extract it he is able to watch all the code.how can i prevent this from happening?does " deploy" have sth to do with it?if not what is "deploy"?thanks

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    Re: how to protect my project?

    what you are looking for is called 'obfuscation'
    it's a process that changes the classes, variables and methods names into things like a, b, c, ... that are not easily readable (and also that take way less space in the jar), and then insert pieces of more or less eroneous code, that is well understood by the VM, but not by the decompiler. Therefore, a project obfuscated is rather unusable for most of the programmers that will try to read it -- except spending months on it.
    a good tool for doing that is proguard

    deploy simply means pass from the 'developpement' phase to the 'production' phase, and install the program for real on a device

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