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    RadioButton CheckBox on Option Menu (7650)

    I have tried to use the RadioButton and CheckBox flags for 7650 SDK 0.9.
    However, for Radio Button, once I have set the one of the radio buttons state to "ON", program crash at once. I use the same method I did in 9210, so.. are there any changes to use the radio button in 7650?
    For check box, it works however, the "checked" symbol is really strange. it is a small retangle(I remember it was a tick in 9210). what is so strange is that when I put the program in my 7650 device, the leftmost pixel of the check symbol is sticked together with the menu rectangle. it looks quite bad and unacceptable.
    is that these kind of menu items is still not supported yet? could someone tell me ?
    thx a lot.

    best regards,

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    I have a problem with the 7650 checkbox menu item.

    If I flag a menuitem as a checkbox, when this is unchecked there is no difference in display (looks like a normal menuitem) and when it is checked it looks awful, like a white blob with a missing left side border.

    IS there anyway to make this look like a proper checkbox!?

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