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    Socket connection CRASH with KERN-EXEC 3

    Hi folks,

    I am building a simple chat client on Nokia 9210. It's supposed to connect to the chat server written in VB. Here is the problem. When I hit the connect button of the client, I can see on the server screen that a client is requesting for connection. I can see the IP address of the client too. But then, the client application crashes with KERN-EXEC 3 just when the server ACCEPTS the connection.

    Can somebody clear me up a little, please? Please ?

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    RE: Socket connection CRASH with KERN-EXEC 3

    Are you using Async socket calls? If so the app will crash as you describe if your application receives an event for the socket that you aren't handling using an active object.

    One way to check if this is the problem is to do the socket call and immediately use the User::WaitForRequest() call to get a result. If this works, then you need to look into how you are doing the active objects as that's probably at fault.

    I use sockets extensively in my 9210 newsreader without a problem and I seem to recall hitting this same problem.


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