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    Angry Theme Studio v1.2 broke my Windows XP

    I just got really f**king pissed off!!!
    I downloaded the S60 Theme Studio 1.2 and installed it. I'm running XP. I played around with it for a couple of minutes and then thought I'll unsis a theme sis package I just downloaded. To my surprise command prompt couldn't find unsis.exe. Well, I shortly discovered that the piece of s**t Theme Studio had modified my environment variables (path) so that the path for Theme Studio was there at least twice and all the original paths were gone! It had kindly inserted itself also to the user variables' path for some reason.

    So sorry for the flame here, but it took me no more than 200ms to decide what to do with Theme Studio and where to stick it. Just to annoy me all the way to its end, it gave me an error when uninstalling, telling that it couldn't succeed fully! For God's sake people, try to keep some kind of quality with the SW you distribute to the naive trusting people like me!

    I tried to recover as many applications' paths as I could think of, but for sure this will give me trouble in the future.

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    Re: Theme Studio v1.2 broke my Windows XP

    my computer crashed after using this program for a couple of days. i was using version 1.2 on windows XP.

    ALL THE FILES IN MY HARD DRIVE WERE DESTROYED!!! my computer suddenly couldnt find the c drive!!!


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    Re: Theme Studio v1.2 broke my Windows XP

    hey, any nokia representative here give us their excuses?

    i have been reading through all comment on this forum about theme studio, all pissed like hell.. but didnt see any reply from nokia representative. are they speakless?

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