Has anybody been able to use the new download manager api's to download and open a sis file? I can get it to download the file but no luck launching it.

I make the call "User::LeaveIfError(iDownloadMgr.SetDefaultIntAttribute(EDlAttrAction, ELaunch));" before calling CreateDownloadL and starting. The attribute gets set but when the download completes nothing happens?!?!? Normally, you can just download the file and launch the installer app using the path to the sis file as an argument but i'm working in sdk 3.0 so with the new platform security i won't be able to do this anymore.

I have seen the attribute EDlAttrTargetApp, but how do i found out the id's to use? I would think it would be the uid but the api's expect a TInt32. Anyone know how to find the id's to use??

Thanks in advance...