I would like to send some data from client side at connection process of a socket by using the following method

void Connect(TSockAddr& anAddr,const TDesC8& aDataOut,TDes8& aDataIn, TRequestStatus& aStatus);

and receive the sent dat at server side by using
void Accept(RSocket& aBlankSocket,TDes8& aConnectData,TRequestStatus& aStatus);

It is written in API description that
“Some protocols allow data to be sent in connect request packets which may be provided in the data-out descriptor. Some protocols may allow data to be sent in connect responses which may be collected in the data-in descriptor.”

So I would like to know, does TCP protocol allow to send and receive data at connection request phase. If yes, how to do it? I tired as follows. But did not succeed.


RConnection iConnection;
TBuf8<100> iClientIP;
iConnector.Accept(iSocket, iClientIP, iStatus);


RConnection iSocket;
TBuf8<100> dummy, pBuf;
iSocket.Connect(iAddress, pBuf, dummy, iStatus );

Opening and configuration of socket is correct. Please help!