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    how to send SMS from Servlet to MIDlet


    I am working on a project for a course and I have to send an SMS from a servlet to a MIDlet using push technology.

    Could anyone help me in this issue, please?

    Thank you,

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    Re: how to send SMS from Servlet to MIDlet

    depends on your operator, but sending sms from server side is usually hard
    some operators offer to let you do that, so ask them if there is a web page to send sms, and automatise the process

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    Re: how to send SMS from Servlet to MIDlet


    To send from a servlet to your midlet, you must have a connection with the operator, which is something not easy to get.

    You can test your midlet, however, by using the Nokia SDKs and Nokia Connectivity Framework Lite, they allow you to send and SMS and at the same time run a midlet that will consume this message.


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