hi, i've been a nokia user all the way, and my last 2 phones were the symbian 6600 and 7610. i've just bought the 3230 as my 7610 died.

3230 is really weird. Here are my observations. I have tested 3 sets of 3230s from frens and we are all using V 3.0515.0ch 15-04-05 firmware.

Programs I bought that worked on the 7610 do not work with the 3230. ActiveDesk and some Psiloc software.

If you have any solves for my following problems, please reply as there are many frustrated users out there.

1. One big problem is on Silent Profile, there is no way to have the phone vibrate when sms comes in. It vibrates when incoming call but NOT for sms. So when i'm in a conference or meeting or movie, i need to keep checking my phone for any smses.

2. Any ring tone set will first preceed with a "beep" before the ring tone starts playing. Why is that so??

3. SMS used to start off with "text input" instead of the Numeric input now, so I need to make 1 more extra step when trying to recall a friends contacts. NEW MESSAGE, then # to change to text, then key in the name for predictive contacts to show up.

4. SMS no longer has smileys that were so convenient to type in the older versions. I just press 1 1 1 and i get a :-). This function no longer exists.

5. The buttons are soooo hard to press. I have to slow down my smsing now as i have to press harder and sometimes, miss out on letters due to not pressing hard enough.

6. SMSes can no longer be stored on RSMMC card. I have to buy Oxygen Symbian to backup my smses.

The phone looks cool and the pics and video are great... but these simple usability features really spoil my experience of the 3230.