I am new to GPRS technology. I am working on PoC client. I have some queries regarding the IMS Service based local Policy.

1. whats the use of PDP context?

2. how can i get PDP context from IMS core i.e is there any APIs to retrieve the PDP context from IMS Core?

3. is the PDP context contains the media info abt the UE 'or' only is the IP to connect GPRS n/w?

Here i given some description why i am asking Q's.

The IMS Service based local policy machanism enables the IMS core to grant resource token to UE, the token can be used by the UE during IP resource reservation and authorization procedure. The QoS token will be sent by IMS core to UE thru 200OK or forwarded by INVITE req. Using the QoS token UE can set up a new data connection i.e PDP context of GPRS.

is QoS token will comming thru any perticular Header?

If any informaion related to PDP context with some examples is helpful.