I recently purchased the Connectivity Pack for my Nokia 6210 (DTL-1 and LRW-1). But is it a fact that HDW-1 isen't compliant with that?
I thought the LRW-1 was turning the phone into a bluetooth device, making it complient with any kind of bluetooh equipment. I was also told by the salesperson of this Connectivity pack that the Ericsson Bluetooth headset should work with the LRW-1.. If the HDW-1 isen't compliant will Nokia develop such a thing for the LRW-1? That's one of the reasons why i bought theese products in the first place. If all this for some reason should be the fact, I will be most disapointed at Nokia. I have allway thought well about Nokia and all their products, but that might change if facts are different than I expected. The Connectivity pack is a "pricey" product, and the fact that "It will turn your phone into a bluetooth device..." (qoute from Nokia's website) is in my opnion a truth with some exceptions!