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    Nokia 6210 Bluetooth Connectivity Pack

    I recently purchased the Connectivity Pack for my Nokia 6210 (DTL-1 and LRW-1). But is it a fact that HDW-1 isen't compliant with that?
    I thought the LRW-1 was turning the phone into a bluetooth device, making it complient with any kind of bluetooh equipment. I was also told by the salesperson of this Connectivity pack that the Ericsson Bluetooth headset should work with the LRW-1.. If the HDW-1 isen't compliant will Nokia develop such a thing for the LRW-1? That's one of the reasons why i bought theese products in the first place. If all this for some reason should be the fact, I will be most disapointed at Nokia. I have allway thought well about Nokia and all their products, but that might change if facts are different than I expected. The Connectivity pack is a "pricey" product, and the fact that "It will turn your phone into a bluetooth device..." (qoute from Nokia's website) is in my opnion a truth with some exceptions!

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    RE: Nokia 6210 Bluetooth Connectivity Pack

    The Nokia Connectivity Battery (LRW-1) for Nokia 6210 does not support Bluetooth audio connections. It is targeted for data connections between a PC (with Nokia Connectivity Card DTL-1) and a Nokia 6210. You can check what Nokia says about features of Nokia Connectivity Pack at: www.nokia.com/phones/6210/bluetooth.html

    It is unfortunate that your dealer has given you wrong information. It is true that Nokia Connectivity Pack turns your phone (Nokia 6210) into a Bluetooth device. It implements DUN and FAX profiles into Nokia 6210 so that it can be used with a compatible PC.

    It is noteworthy to clarify that the Bluetooth specification is not one single protocol existing in every Bluetooth device but a comprehensive set of Bluetooth protocols. Bluetooth profiles are then built from Bluetooth protocols to satisfy different use cases. For different kinds of devices different sets of profiles can be implemented. The Bluetooth specification is still evolving in the Bluetooth SIG giving new profiles.

    Here is an example to give you a picture of diversity of Bluetooth products: a Bluetooth headset does not have to support Bluetooth Basic Printing Profile, whereas a Bluetooth printer does not have to implement a Bluetooth Headset Profile. Still those devices are definitely Bluetooth products and can be used for the purpose they have been designed.

    For further information on Bluetooth profiles visit www.bluetooth.com

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