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    6310i 4.80 bugs + few words about Nokia politics + other feedback

    Dear Nokia !

    Please excuse me for bad English. I decided to send my feedback here,
    although I'm member of Club Nokia - more people will read it. It's also related to programming topics and phones with Messaging functions ;-). There is also not available public forum for making feedback and I'm not sure, if feedback sent to email addresses is read.

    First few words of critics. I like Nokia phones and use them from very
    long time. I don't want to be malicious. I hope, my words will allow to make them better. Here are some my general comments:

    From some time firmware/hardware in Nokia phones is unfortunately worse and worse. 51xx/61xx series was excellent, no possibility of damage firmware, no errors. Also hardware was excellent. Phones made from this firmware (33xx) were a little worse - had some things cut, some bugs added and I have wrong experiences with it. Next was 7110/6210 family - many small problems (not removed even in
    6210 5.56), phones were very slow during scrolling in menus.
    After it went DCT4 - many things changed, speed of scrolling in menus
    excellent (6310i 4.80). Unfortunately, SIM connector in 6310i is much worse than in 6210. Also many problems from 6210 family still exist.
    Examples: in 6210 it was possible to make very wrong things with
    phone during saving SMS (example: phone displayed unread sms envelope
    and no sms inside). The same in 6310i 4.80 - small cable problem
    or something similiar and phone can even not stand up (like mine).
    Cell Info displayed in the same line with Profile name (although there is very big free place on the screen). etc.

    New models are made faster and faster, but still contains old bugs. Another annoying thing for user is thing, that more expensive phones can not have features available even in very cheap models. Example: 6310i doesn't have keypad locking after some time, keypad locking with code (first and second very usefull). All other new phones have it (6510, 3410, 3510, ...). When something is not available in concrete model, after half of year there is new model created. No possibility of upgrading old phones and problem for people, who bought their phones with one/two years contract.

    Still some users requests are ignored (like my feedback with cellinfo
    and profile name). It's still not possible to have such easy things like displaying, how long is call during it. Or call lengths in Call Register menu. Or possibility of DISABLING irda (when activated) by entering Infrared menu (during first entering you can enable, during second disable). Or possibility or selecting using frequencey band (usefull especially in tri band phone and 900/1800 networks only). Also some good things from old models are removed - for example, displaying full menu shortcuts for each menu or possibility of displaying all calendar notes (without entering each day
    and searching for them) like it was in 6150.

    Next thing: netmonitor. Unofficial thing very popular in DCT3 phones.
    Now some people, who can flash Nokia phones (have access to service or
    something) can have it in DCT4. Also GSM operators. But Nokia simply not allow to have it to "normal" users, although it was very good for checking battery voltage or disabling light (another thing requested by many users and available in very old Nokia models) or checking sms counters. The only solution for it is having 3410 or using old phones. Soon maybe all DCT3 will be canceled and netmon will be available only for hackers or people with BIG money. IMHO, very "nice" from Nokia side.

    And next:the same phones for different countries contains different options. For example, European phones seems not to have activated ALS menu, Asian seems to have...

    And last thing: SMS things. 6210 had bug (special "feature" ?) and didn't allow to send correctly some types of SMS saved on SIM. DCT4 (at least 6310i) doesn't allow to send SMS (saved with AT commands) without editing it (exactly as is saved to SIM/phone memory). Another thing from Nokia, which can be resolved only by using cheap models like 3410 or sending sms exactly from PC.

    Generally, although new Nokia phones are very good, many things are taken from users (like netmon or sms features). It seems, the best is buying cheap models (like 3410) only or stop using Nokia...

    And now my feedback for 6310i 4.80. I want thank for making this phone really fast, also for adding linked sms. Because of high firmware number (4.80) probably one or two new releases will be prepared and phone discontinued. So, because of it I want to ask to remove at least bugs existing also in this firmware. Some bugs are reported to me by other people. I didn't change grammar

    1.My Numbers - can't edit... (another thing possible with older Nokia phones)

    2.cell info messages have different tone than SMS (you can't set it) -
    different than in older phones.

    3.cell info is displayed in the same line to profile name. Wrong behaviour inherited from 6210.

    4.Sometimes the 'power-on' NOKIA handshaking logo animation seems to losing fps.[specially whean you add voice notes] while other times animates smoothly (why?)

    5.Even if you switch off speed-dial, you can still call the stored numbers not by long pressing their key number but by typing their number and the pressing the YES button (Green Handset) [ I think it's a bug because if you enter an empty speed-dial number and press YES the phone returns "Speed dial not assigned. Assign it now?" message, implying that this is a speed-dial feature (even if speed-dial is switched-OFF by the user)].

    6.caller groups - no sending using irda for caller logos (was in older phones).

    7.Sometimes in SMS menus cursor is set one position "before" current SMS. Example: after "deleting" default sms templates.

    8.Menu 4-8-4 (should be "zamkni?ta&quot contains wrong translation in Polish PPM. Additionaly in MANY places you can see such words: "part1- part2". It means, word is not divided into two parts2 (the place on screen is enough), but displayed in one screen line "asif" divided - example in Menu 4-4-2

    9.1.Lock the handset keyboard (Menu + *) (this will switch "On" for
    approx. 25'' the phone lights)
    9.2.Now quickly unlock the handset keyboard (Menu + * again)
    (--that is before the phone lights switch "Off&quot
    9.3.Now wait for the phone to switch its lights Off automatically.
    9.4.Now click fast the On/Off (power) button on the top of the phone..
    the expected menu (profiles & "switch-off&quot shall appear but without
    the phone turning its light On as it should!

    10.In Menu 13-4 and submenu Certificaties (I can't give shortcut -
    NOT available) after setting you see "Selected memory selected..."

    11.Menu 6-2 when doesn't connect correctly leave menu at all


    12.1.when have options for sms (small change: earlier in 4.07 also
    for SMS template), by default "Delete" is displayed. User is very happy from it, when will press too fast key and will delete important sms by accident...

    12.2.If you receive a new SMS while browsing Inbox you'll have
    to exit and reenter to see it.

    12.3.can save each type of SMS into phone memory/sim, but can't forward 8bit SMS from phone menu. It proposes sending as text or email. No sending sms WITHOUT editing.

    13. ToDo menu - no possibility of scrolling "around" (from first
    position to last by pressing Up key and vice versa).

    14.Games: in Racket game light doesn't turn off after few seconds,
    when doesn't press key (it should be used Light setting from game
    settings here - it's ignored)

    15.Java: Converter in English version - when try to use Volume, there is Area used (probably should be Area for type conversion menu used)

    16.Calendar: The calendar allow you to set an 'End date' of 31-12-2099
    for Memos, etc.. even if there is no way to access dates after 31-12-2090 (Ideal to the 6510 v3.30 bug).

    17.On the main screen (standby) type for example 999#, you will get an "Invalid selection" error but without any audio beep.

    18.On Greek PPM only: You can dial numeric values! For example:

    18.1.On the main screen (standby) type 1,2
    18.2.Press the DIAL button (Green handset).
    18.3.The phone tries to dial the number..
    18.4.After a while (nothing happens) we return on the previous screen,
    with the dialled numeric value ready to be dialed again.

    19. Main screen currency converter accepts * or , as valid (zero) numerics when it should indicate an "Invalid input value" error (like it does for the # character)!! For example:

    19.1.On the main screen (standby) type either * or ,
    19.2. Options -> In domestic
    19.3.Currency conversion of * or , results zero (0)!

    20. T9:

    20.1. Welcome note and Countdown timer - no T9 (one question - isn't really possible to make one function, which will be used in each situation and will allow to use T9 in each editing menu)

    20.2.During Greek text input with or without the Greek T9 enabled
    the Characters selection screen (the one that appears after you
    press the * key during input) is mangled showing only the first 23
    of its symbols! However if you input a capital letter before pressing * ..full character set appears!

    21.Phone contains now support for Unicode SMS, but THERE IS NO OPTION in menu (like in cheap models), which allow user to select, if Unicode should be used or not. The only mark of using it or not is counter for left chars during writing SMS. There is also bug connected with it: when add one national/special Unicode char to SMS, mode is changed to Unicode. When delete it, charset doesn't return to normal SMS alphabet.

    22.saving sms can damage phone in some situations

    23.no netmonitor for "normal" users.

    24.char "#" has different behaviour in phonebook/speed dials (displays default number for entry), wap bookmarks (displays bookmark name menu) and calendar (goes to current day). IMHO, why can't have the same function in each menu ? For SMS folder could display SMS text (as long as pressed), for call register entry all data like time/date, for wap bookmarks full url, for phonebook and phonebook during searching default number (as is now), for TODO list
    full text of current TODO. Nokia, please give similiar functions to this key, not different...

    25.default (from fabrique) caller logos can't be read to PC. IMHO, why is it so strategic info ? Who should be here protected ?

    26.sometimes phone (at least I have 1 such location in pbk)
    return to PC incorrect info about set speed dial

    27.Last PC-Suite 4.81 seems not to synchronize correctly calendar notes with different start and end time (I didn't check this point very good - my phone went to service), user ringtones, Java applications (backup/to PC/restore from PC).

    In this place I will also say, that shame, that Nokia weren't able for example to make all games,calendar and maybe some other extras in this phone (it's "business&quot in Java version and give user bigger memory to Java (when user want, can delete unnecessary things). Also shame, that Nokia software can't backup installed applications to PC (and there are no default applications available for downloading from Nokia www).

    Also some other possible extensions could be: adding picture/ringtones editor, better call register info (with call lengths), automatic deleting "Delivered" Delivery Reports, ReadOnly mode for phonebook (by default in phones with 2 function keys, when enter to pbk from main menu, can edit it - why ?), keypad locking after specified time/keypad locking with code (without possibility or reading this code before rebotting phone), etc., etc.

    It could be nice, if current hardware (I remind - with infrared) could be used as remote control and we could have option in menu to "save" signals from another remote control device and later using it.

    Of course, probably this won't happen and will be maybe available only in new "excellent" model. Shame - some users could decide to give some money for such firmware with really some new functionality.

    Your Sincerely

    Marcin Wiacek

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    RE: 6310i 4.80 bugs + few words about Nokia politics + other feedback

    Sorry, that post was sent double - my PC went crazy. Marcin

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    Re: 6310i 4.80 bugs + few words about Nokia politics + other feedback

    I used many Nokias before 6310. My last Nokia was 6310 (bought in 2003). After that, I never bought another Nokia.

    This is not because 6310 was bad, but because this phone was maybe best from Nokia!(?) So, why I'm unsatisfied? Because many usefull features was removed from it (which existed in previous models: 5110, 6150...). For example: view all calendar notes, and: failed sms resending with same number already typed, etc...

    So, 6310 (and 6310i) was the best(?) from Nokia (at the time), but INTENTIONALY not god enough (like all my previous Nokias).

    Nokia politics can be explained with folowing words:

    "We will sell you a new phone, with great features which didn't existed in our previous models, but we will DESIGNEDLY put aside some of useful functions existed in our previous models, so you could not be 100% satisfied and you will always seek for our new IMPROVED models!"

    If I buy new Nokia: I shall get something usefull which do not exist in 6310, but I shall also lose something usefull which exist in 6310?

    Not anymore.

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