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    Exclamation Authorisation failed

    When ever i tried to install a j2me application on Nokia 6680 phone it gives Authorisation failed error..

    I am using SIP protocol and HTTP requests in this application

    Can any body tell me the reason and the solution ?


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    Re: Authorisation failed

    Consult the device specifications and the supported Java APIs e.g. here:


    JSR180 (SIP) is not supported in that phone.

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    Re: Authorisation failed

    For the record,

    This can be caused by several things.

    One is a failure to properly "verify" the class files with the appropriate verifier.
    (catches issues such as use of floating-point types in CLDC1.0,
    some catch unfortunate choices of package names, such as "java.awt",
    which, as system packages, are no longer allowed).

    NOTE: Nokia phones also disallow "org.w3c.dom", and perhaps other new
    system packages, while the verifiers permit them.

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