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    Exclamation Bluetooth car system


    I have a N3650 phone, and my car has an included BT phone system. I can use the phone in the car for starting and receiving calls, I can talk on the car system, but the system can't transfer the Phone book. My car system tells LOADING....., but nothing happens. Please help me, how can I transfer the pone book, should I use an application for it? (The car system works, because I tried an other - not Nokia- phone and it transferred the phone book)


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    Re: Bluetooth car system

    Your phone is series 60 based, so there is an application for that task. You can find it under Nokia 610 car kit at nokia.com. With that program the download begins, but at least with my MINI, it hangs and no contacts get transferred. I try to gather more information where the incompatibility lies.


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