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    All owners of Nokia 7650 - Ringtones Download

    Hi all,

    Guess all of u out there are looking as to how to transfer ringtones to your new toy - NK7650.

    This is a step by step guide(provided that you have a notebook with IR activated).

    1. Browse the Internet for MIDI files that you want to use a your ringtone.
    2. Download the MIDI file to a specific folder.
    3. Activate the IR on your 7650
    4. Point the IR port of your 7650 to the IR port of the notebook
    5. Note that 1there is a Wireless Link icon next to your clock on the bottom right corner.
    6. Right Click on the wireless link icon and select transfer files
    7. Select the MIDI file that you have downloaded. and click send
    8. The file will be sent over to your 7650 as a MMS via Infrared.
    9. Open up the MMS and select option-save
    10. This midi file is then copied into your Recorder as a sound clip.
    11. Go to Profiles and change your default profile ringtone to the MIDI file.

    That's it!!!!

    To do this for more ringtones, you can download more MIDI files and do a one time sending to your 7650.

    Cheers to Nokia for this fantastic product!!!!!! Hip Hip Hurray!!!!

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    RE: All owners of Nokia 7650 - Ringtones Download


    As any data (images, sounds, other SW) can be transfered over Bluetooth also. The file is not transfered as a MMS it's just a file over OBEX.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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    RE: All owners of Nokia 7650 - Ringtones Download

    So simple ... thank you for posting this, it made my day. i'd been wondering how to do it with the pc suite, but couldn't find a way. Alan.

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