Hi all. I've seen a lot of users having the same problem as me. Each time Nokia didn't answer, or answer something to discard the real problem.

As you know, actually 99 % of the market for Bluetooth Cards is USB.

But the fact is that the Nokia 8910 and a couple of other phones from Nokia are using a special protocol for data exchange through Bluetooth.

So, those phones are not working with all actual USB Bluetooth keys.

Here is a few complaints of clients :


Nokia has dropped support for this protocol in latest PC suite for three reasons :

1) It needs a PCMCIA card, called DTL-4, primarily sold by Nokia, but today unavailable.

2) It needs an old specific Bluetooth Stack, called Widcom.

3) Only some Nokia Phones are concerned by this problem.

So this special Nokia protocol is supported neither in actual Bluetooth stacks, neither in PC suite, neither in hardware Bluetooth USB keys.

This makes all the phones with a similar firmware as the 8910 not working with Bluetooth for PC data exchange using PC suite or similar products from third party vendors.

So, i'm waiting from Nokia that they stop to ignore this problem, that they listen to their client who have spend more than 1000 euros to buy a 8910, and that they give us a corrected firmware to be compatible with the industry standard Bluetooth protocol.

As Nokia has sold their PCMCIA card activity, i see no commercial reasons why they would not give us a compatible Bluetooth support for 8910 like phones.

I only see a motivation problem, because it will ask a couple of days to Nokia programmers to implement it in the 8910 firmware. This seems a terrible task for them...

I hope this message will open eyes to all 8910 and similar phones owners, and that they will make pressure to Nokia to get a new firmware.

You can contact me at digitalaudiopro@wanadoo.fr if you have the same problem and would like to discuss about a possibility to start a discussion with Nokia managers.

Thanks for your listening, a Nokia Pending Consumer.

Olivier ADLER.