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    Link Errors Help me

    Please help me.
    My project has alot of file and I Can't link
    It show " Command Failed with result =0 ".
    I don't know why? But if I remove some file then it is OK.
    Please help me how to solve this problem
    Thanks alot

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    Re: Link Errors Help me

    can you post a bit more information?
    It could be due to your mmp file not containing enough information...check that

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    Re: Link Errors Help me

    Link Error
    This is my MMP File
    When I compile it in S60 SDK 2nd Feature Pack 2(8.0) then that link error occur.
    But in SDK 2.1 (7.0) then there 's no error.
    It is difficult to understand
    This is MMP FIle:
    * ============================================================================
    * Name : AudioTest.mmp
    * Part of : AudioTest
    * Created : 30.07.2005 by NGuyen Trung Thanh
    * Description:
    * This is the project specification file for AudioTest.
    * Initial content was generated by Series 60 Application Wizard.
    * Version :
    * Copyright: Thanh
    * ============================================================================

    TARGET AudioTest.app
    UID 0x100039CE 0x0BDE4C9C
    TARGETPATH \system\apps\AudioTest

    SOURCEPATH ..\src
    SOURCE AudioTestApp.cpp
    SOURCE AudioTestAppui.cpp
    SOURCE AudioTestDocument.cpp
    SOURCE AudioTestContainer.cpp
    SOURCE LogFile.cpp
    SOURCE AUDIOUtility.cpp
    SOURCEPATH ..\src\PsolaTest
    SOURCE PsolaTest.cpp

    SOURCEPATH ..\data
    RESOURCE AudioTest.rss
    RESOURCE AudioTest_caption.rss

    SOURCEPATH ..\..\src\audio
    source AudioChunk.cpp
    source AudioIn.cpp
    source AudioInCallback.cpp
    source AudioInProperties.cpp
    source AudioOut.cpp
    source AudioOutCallback.cpp
    source AudioOutProperties.cpp
    source AudioProperties.cpp
    source SymbianAudioChunk.cpp
    source SymbianAudioIn.cpp
    source SymbianAudioInProperties.cpp
    source SymbianAudioOut.cpp
    source SymbianAudioOutProperties.cpp

    SOURCEPATH ..\..\src\base\Task
    SOURCE semaphore.cpp
    SOURCE SymbianSemaphore.cpp
    SOURCE SymbianServer.cpp
    SOURCE SymbianServerProperties.cpp
    SOURCE SymbianTTSServer.cpp
    SOURCE Server.cpp
    SOURCE ServerCallBack.cpp
    SOURCE ServerProperties.cpp
    SOURCE Request.cpp
    SOURCE RequestProperties.cpp
    SOURCE StopRequest.cpp

    SOURCEPATH ..\..\src\Speech\SpeechSynthesizer
    SOURCE SpeechSynthesizer.cpp
    SOURCE SpeechSynthesizerCallBack.cpp
    SOURCE PsolaSS.cpp

    SOURCEPATH ..\..\src\Prosody
    SOURCE ProsodicAnalyzer.cpp
    SOURCE ProsodicAnalyzercallBack.cpp
    SOURCE SymbianProsodicAnalyzer.cpp

    SOURCEPATH ..\..\src\Text
    SOURCE TextProcessor.cpp
    SOURCE TextProcessorCallBack.cpp
    SOURCE SymbianTextProcessor.cpp
    SOURCE TString.cpp

    SOURCEPATH ..\..\src\Text\Unit
    SOURCE AbstractUnit.cpp
    SOURCE Syllable.cpp
    SOURCE Word.cpp
    SOURCE SilentWord.cpp
    SOURCE Sentence.cpp
    SOURCE Text.cpp
    SOURCE CompositeUnit.cpp

    SOURCEPATH ..\..\src\Utility
    SOURCE TTSUtility.cpp
    SOURCE SymbianTTSUtility.cpp
    SOURCE TTSRequest.cpp
    SOURCE ProcessTxtRequest.cpp
    SOURCE ProsodyAnalizeRequest.cpp
    SOURCE SpeechSynthesizeRequest.cpp
    SOURCE WriteWaveOutRequest.cpp

    SOURCE TProcessTxtRequestProp.cpp
    SOURCE TProsodyAnalizeRequestProps.cpp
    SOURCE TSpeechSynthesizeRequestProps.cpp
    SOURCE TWriteWaveOutRequestProps.cpp

    SOURCEPATH ..\..\src\Utility\Psola
    SOURCE UnitStore.cpp
    SOURCE unitsearcher.cpp
    SOURCE SyllableSearcher.cpp
    SOURCE SearchingTree.cpp
    SOURCE SyllableFile.cpp
    SOURCE TUnitData.cpp
    SOURCE PsolaCalculator.cpp
    SOURCE MapSyllableToAddress.cpp


    USERINCLUDE ..\inc
    USERINCLUDE ..\..\inc

    SYSTEMINCLUDE . \epoc32\include

    LIBRARY euser.lib apparc.lib cone.lib eikcore.lib
    LIBRARY eikcoctl.lib avkon.lib
    LIBRARY MediaClientAudioInputStream.lib MediaClientAudioStream.lib EFSRV.lib hal.lib charconv.lib
    AIF AudioTest.aif ..\aif AudioTestaif.rss c8 context_pane_icon.bmp context_pane_icon_mask.bmp list_icon.bmp list_icon_mask.bmp

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