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    Nokia 5140 RFID Kit custom software develop

    Hello all,

    I work in an university research group and we want to test the nokia rfid kit functionalities. We haven't bought yet the 5140 + rfid kit but I have some priliminary questions:
    I read in the manual that the rfid reader is integrater in a XpressOn Cover with 2 software preinstalled: Shortcut and RecordData.
    Shortcut can call a specified operation (such as sending an sms) when a rfid tag is read.
    What make me doubtful is:
    "If the tag does not have a shortcut defined for it yet, define the
    shortcut by first selecting a phone function on the list, and then
    entering the required information"
    This means that ALL the tags I mean to use in my business, have to be registered in the phone and each one must have an operation associated.
    We would want to operate in a different and less complex way: when the phone reads a tag, just sends its unique code to a predefined number, without having the tag to be registered.
    Is thus possible to write a custom program that does what we need instead of the defualt operations?


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    Re: Nokia 5140 RFID Kit custom software develop

    The shortcuts are written on the tag of course, not in the phone.

    The phone just 'executes' the shortcut it finds on the tag.

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