I am developing an application relating images. I have an image and in the 'Options' menu i have 'Save'. when Save is selected the path for the image to be saved is to be selected by the user. I have created some folders in the C: drive and the images should be saved in one of them according to the user selection.

All i want is when save is selected i want a fresh screen displaying the folders and when it is selected it should display another screen displaying the sub folders.. i have found a piece of code which is exactly what i wanted:


TFileName path = PathInfo::PhoneMemoryRootPath(); //Default
path.Append( PathInfo::ImagesPath() );

_LIT(KDialogTitle, "Select Path");

TBool ret = CAknFileSelectionDialog::RunDlgLD(path,
KDialogTitle, // Dialog's title

I have created my folders in the 'Images' folder. The only problem with this is it finds for a file but i need the same apperance of the dialog and screens and search for the folder(which doesnt have any more subfolders) and in which i want to save..

how can we do this.. plz help me with that..