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    Skin Enabling in RichText Editor

    I am using a rich text editor. I am displaying text in it with proper formatting.
    But I want to make that Rich text Editor Control Skin-Enabled, so that the
    text will be displayed on the skin. Is It possible to make that control skin-enabled. & if possible how?

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    Re: Skin Enabling in RichText Editor

    add skin support in your container.
    beware to detect the default text color for the current skin so that the text can be display in the optimized color, for example, black if no skin and white if skin is in dark color.


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    Re: Skin Enabling in RichText Editor

    This adviced worked for me with a CEikGlobalTextEditor so I guess it works also with CEikRichTextEditor.

    What I had to do in my application to get skin background to the CEikGlobalTextEditor was the following:

    void CMyAppUi::ConstructL()
    // Enables skins in all the optionally
    // skin-providing controls in this app


    void CMyContainer3::ConstructL(const TRect& aRect)

    iBackGround = CAknsBasicBackgroundControlContext::NewL(
    KAknsIIDQsnBgAreaMain, Rect(), EFalse );

    delete iBackGround;

    TTypeUid::Ptr CMyContainer3::MopSupplyObject(TTypeUid aId)
    if(aId.iUid == MAknsControlContext::ETypeId && iBackGround)
    return MAknsControlContext::SupplyMopObject( aId, iBackGround);
    return CCoeControl::MopSupplyObject( aId );
    } // MopSupplyObject

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    Question Re: Skin Enabling in RichText Editor

    I have two rich editors in my view. I also would like to highlight one of the rich text editors. I was thinking about creating the following at the constructor of the container:

    m_pBackground = CAknsBasicBackgroundControlContext::NewL(KAknsIIDQsnBgAreaMain, rect, EFalse);

    m_pHighLight = CAknsBasicBackgroundControlContext::NewL( KAknsIIDQsnBgAreaMainHigh, rect, EFalse );

    However, I don't know what I should return from the TTypeUid::Ptr MopSupplyObject(TTypeUid aId) method. Any idea?



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