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    Problem~ Symbian 6.1 OS And it's SDK

    Hi All,
    Please tell about my problems ,thx

    1. If I want to desing Application on Symbian 6.1 OS , I should use the SDK: 1st Ed,FP1,MS&Borland ??(download in Forum NOKIA) I am using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003.

    2. I down load the "1st Ed,FP1,MS&Borland" SDK then intall it on my PC. But I cant find this SDK when I type "devices" in command prompt. follow the result:

    Series60_v2_1:com.nokia.Series60_2_1 - default

    there's no 1st_FP1 ,so, how can I change default SDK to 1st_FP1?
    or How can I compile my project in 1st_PF1 library??

    Any suggestion will be very helpful !!
    Best Regards

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    Re: Problem~ Symbian 6.1 OS And it's SDK

    That old SDK probably is one that still relies on the EPOCROOT environment variable and correct PATH settings and not the devices command, etc.

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