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    Can't change the icon of the application--Help

    Hello people,

    I am trying to change the icon & the name of my application & am able to create the aif as well, but not getting the desired result

    I donot face any errors but there is no change in the name / icon of the application, just remains the default one

    I am reffering the help for generating aif page on forum newlc

    Following is what i get in the command prompt window when i generate the aif

    C:\YogSymbian\TestForAif\bitmaps>aiftool TestForAif testforaif.mbm
    AIF tool - Unicode build
    Copyright (C) Symbian 2000
    Compiling AIF file
    Empty compile time value given to use lib at C:\Symbian\6.1\Shared\epoc32\tools/
    epocaif.pl line 22

    Reading resource file...
    Adding icons
    Reading icons
    Adding captions
    Adding capability
    Adding data types
    Adding view data
    Adding file ownership info

    I feel the line that u see in Red might be the problem, just want to confirm on it


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    Re: Can't change the icon of the application--Help

    doe the aif get constructed in teh fodler you are working on ?

    Also di you remember to copy it to the emulators application folder for your application ?

    And for target sis files, did you remember to add the file in to your pkg file ?


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    Re: Can't change the icon of the application--Help


    I cannot find how to change icon in help. I am using SDK 2.0 FP3. Can anybody provide the complete procedure to change the icon of the application.

    Help will be highly appreciated.


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    Re: Can't change the icon of the application--Help

    hi sorry fro replying so late.....

    i am using 3 rd edition if u want to chage the icon u should take one .bmp file convert it to .svg file and paste this .svg file to ur gfx folder in ur project. automatically using ur mk file ur _aif.mif file will be created and u will see the icon is changed and one more thig u have to check it on the phone not on emulator coz when i am working it is not showing on emulator it will show on handset..

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    Re: Can't change the icon of the application--Help

    yogesh14 - I tried change the name/icon/uid on an app. I think many things can cause these symptoms but two that got us were:

    * check your .sis is actually being built using the new resource files (i.e. check where they are being packaged up from, and that your new files are being written to that folder). In my carbide.vs/SDK2 setup these files are for some reason placed far down the directory tree in some obscure emulator related folder despite being an ARMI build for release.

    * check the UID in the xxxaif.rss file (the rss associated with the aif resources) matches the UID of your app or bad things will happen at runtime. We were also changing the uid of the app but initially forgot to change this bit

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