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    Question Audio and Thread

    Hello every body
    I am writing an Audio Engine using CMDAAudioOutputStream.
    It work in second thread but I have some error Occur:
    + > If I Construct an Output Stream (use CMDAAudioOutputStream:: NewL )in the first Thread (MainThread) and in the Second Thread (thread of my engine) I call : iAudioOut::WriteL (aDes) then the second thread break down . (aDes is construct in second thread or the first thread errors still occur) Please help me solve this problem.
    +> If I Construct an Output stream in second thread then that thread is break down when I call "CMDAAudioOutputStream:: NewL";
    I dont know how to continue
    Please help me
    Thanks very much.

    I am waiting for you to reply

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    Re: Audio and Thread

    Can you please post your codse so I can have a look how did you create your thread.

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