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    Wink 6230 phone simple calculation development

    I am new to the world of developing applications for mobile phones and was wondering what is the best language to learn for simple repetitive calculations with maybe some database / web interaction. I have a small experience in C pascal ,and am more up-to-date with php and html for database website development to be viewed by a computer.

    Please advice on development environments and some code examples. Thanks in advance .

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    Re: 6230 phone simple calculation development

    With the 6230 your only (and thus I suppose it is also "best" for that phone) programming language option is Java (and the J2ME, Java 2 Micro Edition, variant, to be more precise). You'll find the appropriate SDK (Software Development Kit) here: http://forum.nokia.com/main/0,,018-2...tml?model=6230

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