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    Text Header Messages


    Thanks for reading this. My question is to do with the legacy text header way of sending NSM's. Is it possible that if you have two TPDU's (Message of two parts) that the text header information, in particular the port information could be different in each packet ?, obviously this being dependent on the data being sent. At the moment I only check the first packet to determine what is to follow - ie vCard, Ringtone etc. and then concatenate the next packets user data onto the end (skipping over the text header information) - so at this stage we have all the user data together in one part and we know from the first packets its going to a certain port. Is it correct to make this assumption or should I be checking if the port information is the same?.

    Any comments are fully appreciated.



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    RE: Text Header Messages

    Concatenated messages may not come in a sequence, there can come other
    messages in between parts of concatenated message. So I think it
    would be best to check as much as possible.
    Of course it also depends on what sources you are receiving the
    messages. The SC does not arrange sending of concatenated messages.
    M, Forum Nokia

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