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    spaces in file names

    When downloading a midi file to the Nokia handsets via wap - the handset saves the ringtone with the same name as the file is called on our server.

    I have set up our system to serve the midi files minus the file extension, so "ring-tone.mid" can be saved on the handset as "ring-tone" however, I am totally unable, it appears to be able to save the file with a space, such as "ring tone".

    OK - it is only a minor issue - but for neatness and professionalism, I would like to be able to serve the files with spaces and for the handset to accept them.

    Replacing the spaces on the wap url with %20 enables the handset to download the file when its file name contains spaces - but it then saves the file as "ring%20tone" which is even worse than "ring-tone".

    Is there any way of overriding the handsets default method of saving the file name - an additional variable we can add that will create a customer friendly ringtone name?

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    RE: spaces in file names


    It would be great, if you could tell us what handset you're talking about?

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