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    installed file doesnt show in 7650 device!!!


    I am using SDK 0.9 and the 7650 device has the firmware 3.12 on it.
    When I create a sis file using Sisar and install the AknExEditor application on the device, it says application installed, but it doesn't show up in the
    extra folder, why?

    I am including the following armi files in the sis file


    I am giving the UID 0x10005C34 which is given in the AknExEditor.mpp
    What is it that I am doing wrong or missing out? I seem unable to get any applications on the 7650 device!!! Any guidance on the same would be highly appriceated.

    Thank you,

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    RE: installed file doesnt show in 7650 device!!!

    Hey Ash !

    I had the same problem with the Hello world application. The reason for this problem is, that the .app-file was build for the wrong platform, i.e. it was build for wins (for the Emulator) instead of the native thumb-platform (for the real 7650).
    This problem appeared when I was bulding the application using VC and testing it with the emulator. Then I built the .sis-file from these files and then I had exactly the problem you described.

    The solution is easy:
    - open a command line from your application directory, i.e. C:\Symbian\6.1\Series60\Series60Ex\Hello
    - change to the subdir which contains the bld.inf-file, usually this subdir is called "group"
    - type "bldmake bldfiles" to create the abld-file
    - type "abld build armi urel" if you want to build for the armi instructionset or "abld build thumb urel" if you want to use the thumb instructionset (I always use armi, I don't know whats the difference)
    - thats it !

    Now you should have all the neccessary files in C:\Symbian\6.1\Series60\Epoc32\Release\thumb\UREL, for the Hello world application they are called Hello.app, Hello.rsc, Hello_caption.rsc and Hello.aif. Create the SIS-Package from these files and you are ready to go.

    All these steps and some other hints you can find in the Helpfile from the SDK (C:\Symbian\6.1\Series60\Series60Doc\start.chm) under "Series 60 / Series 60 Examples / Building and running the SDK Examples / 5 Building for the target device".

    I hope this helps. Please excuse my grammar, I'm from Germany and my english is far from perfection :)

    Greetings !

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    RE: installed file doesnt show in 7650 device!!!

    In addition to Boris' helpful response, I would suggest that you make tries with a Series60Ex sample and *in particular* initialise your SISAR project using the provided .pkg file.
    See for example :
    Look in the .\sis directory : here is the .pkg file
    It contains some magic path definitions for the target device.

    C:> bldmake bldfiles
    C:> abld build thumb urel
    sisar -> new -> import -> ...\sis\helloworld.pkg
    save, close and reload project under sisar (refresh needed)
    then you got your SIS

    This is how I finally managed to get a valid Irda-able .sis file.


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