Cellular phones with internal modems usually have a key configuration sequence to set phone to receive next call as data call. Why Nokia does not have it?
Motorola V60T has this key configuration and all calls after telefone setup will be automatically received as a data call. Ericsson ones must be key configured every time a data call is made, this is not good.
Nokia documentation instructs to issue command using serial data cable AT+CSP=1 (This command does not work in 7160 only in GSM).

I don't know if it is a project problem or if Nokia does not intend to send the correct configuration. Without prepare phone to receive next call as data call receive of data and/of fax calls is not possible. I'm suposed to be deceptive by Nokia.
All attempts to get answer from Nokia fails with no formal answer.

Why not. Is Nokia afraid to do a world wide 7160 recall?