I've just discovered that inside the Symbian Developer Library 8.0 enclosed in the Nokia S60 SDK 2nd ED Fp2 I use, a lot of MMF classes documentation that was present in devlib 7.0s is missing.The same for the devlib 8.0 available at symbian site.
They were grouped in:

- MMF Base Classes
+ MMF Client (the only one still present)
- MMF Common
- MMF Controller

The one present contains the well discussed CMdaAudioInputStream ecc...
Those missing contain the all the CMMFxxx, RMMFxxxx used for implementing codecs and controllers.
This documentation reappears in devlib 8.1a

May I use all the 7.0s MMF documentation without any concern when working in symb 8.0?

Anybody has already noted this?