I have a small problem. I configured my phone to read my mail from a pop3 server. Normally, I check mail on my Mac. That mailer does a great job for moving junk mail to the junk folder. There is no such facility on my nokia 6600. So, I downloading over a 1000 junk mail messages. Oops.

This is a great opportunity to learn about Symbian's Messaging framework. Initially, I'm just want to walk the hierarchy in the message store and display pertinent information(subject, sender, etc). Admittedly, the function below doesn't correctly walk the tree at this time. No worries. For now, I would like to interrogating various entries.

void CWalkMsgsEngine::WalkStoreCmd()
TInt count;
CMsvEntrySelection* children;
CMsvEntry* rootEntry;
CMsvEntry* child;

rootEntry = iSession->GetEntryL(KMsvRootIndexEntryId);
count = rootEntry->Count();
children = rootEntry->ChildrenL();
for (TInt i=0; i< count; i++ )
child = iSession->GetEntryL((*children)[i]);


Can someone explain the relationship between CMsvEntry and TMsvEntry? Also, what is the relationship between TMsvEntry and an MTM interface? Given an TMsvEntry how does one find the corresponding MTM interface?

Thanks for your time and consideration.