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    How to suppress "do you want to go to web address ...."


    I have signed a midlet for Nokia 3220 (series 40) with permissions for


    The midlet

    1) connects to a server by opening a http connection
    2) After closing the connection, it uses platformRequest to
    open the browser with a URL.

    I am able to suppress "Do you want to connect to the internet?" prompt
    from step1.

    How to I suppress the "do you want to go to web address ...." prompt that comes from the ( browser or system ?) ?

    Urgent! please help


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    Re: How to suppress "do you want to go to web address ...."

    Hai Narendra,

    I'm using platformRequest in my application to connect browser. It works fine in emulator (WKT2.2) but when deployed to mobile device their is no action. Is't need any settings. waiting for your reply
    Best Wishes

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