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    Question DRM generating dm file

    Hi Everybody,
    I am working on DRM forward lock for an image may be of jpg, gif . I am generating a binary as well as base64 encoding format file using java
    which has the extention of .dm. So when i download it to my phone using IrDA
    of throu OTA download from my server it gets saved into others folder of the phone , the phone i am using is Sony Ericsson k500i which a DRM compliant phone. Also when i compare the dm file generated by NMIT and my generated dm file both are same. If somebody could help me in resolving this problem then it will be of great help. I have set the mime type and also the content length then also the same problem exists.Please help me in this regard.
    You can mail me to janvekar2004@rediffmail.com.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: DRM generating dm file

    im looking for a way to create .dm files programaticaly with java / php
    on my webserver, running php....any ideas how to do this ?

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