Its been discussed some time ago about the

#if !defined(__WITHIN_MCI_LIBRARY)
// within the MediaClientImage library itself, TFrameInfo is the ICL version. Normally will be TFrameInfoMCL
typedef TFrameInfoMCL TFrameInfo;
#endif !defined(__WITHIN_MCI_LIBRARY)

which is defined in <imagedata.h>

Some one from nokia replied that we can not use both headers at the same time.

#include <ImageConversion.h>
#include <MdaImageConverter.h> >>>depreciated API


Now when i am trying my application to use only CImageDecoder class then I am having a problem with PAlbImageUtil.h which i use to create thumbnails of the images. This header in turn use the MdaImageConverter.h somehow to create the thumbnails. And i am having the same annoying error message

\Symbian\7.0s\Series60_v21\Epoc32\include\mdaframeinfo.h(42) : error C2371: 'TFrameInfo' : redefinition; different basic types
c:\Symbian\7.0s\Series60_v21\Epoc32\include\icl\imagedata.h(187) : see declaration of 'TFrameInfo'

Is there any workaround for that.