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    PrepareVideoCaptureL and TFormat

    Hello !

    I'm a bit confused because the PrepareVideoCaptureL(CCamera::EFormatYUV420Planar ) is driving me crazy. I have manually tried with each TFormat and none is working. So my question is quite simple : with which format is the N90 working ??? I really can't believe that none of the Symbian inbuilt formats are working !

    Printing the supported formats
    text.Format(_L("Frame Format:%h"),iCamInfo.iVideoFrameFormatsSupported);
    shows me : 10240

    By the way the PrepareVideoCaptureL works fine on Nokia 3230, Nokia 6630 and 7610, so I can't understand why it doesn't work on the N90.

    Thx a lot for your solutions and your help !
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